Your parcel shipment

Orders are dispatched all year round, within the week after payment receipt, except during cold times from December to March, when waiting the favorable moment can sometimes take several weeks.

Shipment is entrusted to CTT , rate effective in 2018.

Plants parcels are shipped in:

  • International tracked parcel, lump sum 23€/Kg
  • International tracked parcel, Registered R1, lump sum of 150€
  • International tracked parcel, Registered R2, lump sum of 300€

Seeds (in padded envelope) are shipped in:

  • Registered R1, lump sum of 45€
  • Registered R2, lump sum of 153€

We will provide you as soon as possible your tracking number and a link to the carrier dedicated website.
If you want any other option, or even change carrier, please contact us by e.mail or telephone prior to ordering.

All our sendings are shipped at your own risk, and we can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred during transportation.

We give priority to recycling. We get our cardboard boxes from shopkeeper and our wrapping materials are of paper.